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About us

Giovenale Botta  is an archer and promoter of numerous sporting initiatives, including the constitution of a company named Arcieri del Nibbio
Giovenale has always been interested in oriental philosophy and marshal arts as well as archery. He has used all types of bow, including both traditional and technological models such as the compound.
A pupil of Jean Marie Coche, constructor of bows as well as founder of the La Voie Médiane (The middle ground) school , he has an Instructor's Diploma which qualifies him to teach the method he learned at the aforementioned institution.
Giovenale Botta is the founder of the “ARMONIA” Traditional Archery School (Harmony).

Franca Santagiuliana is an archer and pupil of Giovenale Botta who divides the pleasures of traditional archery between the long-bow and the recurve bow. Together with Giovenale, she translated J.M. Coche's work “Guida al mentale”; she is a founding member of the Friends of the Voie Médiane and she is an Instructor.
They are authors of the guide “5 passi con l’Arco” (5 steps with the bow), a resource book for instinctive archers using traditional bows and the guide entitled:  "5 passi con l'Arciere (5 steps with the Archer) - Il tiro istintivo fluido con la respirazione diaframmatica secondo il metodo di Jean-Marie Coche"  Antologia didattica completa di esercizi e schede di autovalutazione (have a look to the section named: Tiro istintivo)

Roberto Santagiuliana is a founder of Arcieri del Nibbio, creator of this website and a firm supporter of the previously described initiatives and he is an archer too.
The company's registered offices are in Turin (Italy).