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Archery School Armonia

The archery school founded by Giovenale Botta is called “Armonia”, and its aim is to teach instinctive shooting. The school's motto is Alta Pete which means “aim high”, implying that one can improve oneself through the use of the bow as an instrument.
The logo of the school represents a taught bow against the backdrop of a starry sky.
The five stars represent a pathway, the 5 steps that Man can take with his bow:
Participate in archery life in all its aspects, both for pleasure and in competition.
Discover, learning with humility as much as possible from those who are able to pass on their own experiences.
Experiment what has been learned, testing the theory in the field, understanding by doing.
Share your experiences with others.
Play, simply rediscover your desire to play with other people immersed in nature.
The bow is not just an instrument which harmonises body and mind, it can also be a valid aid to Meditation.